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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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1.  I can understand many commands such as "sit-up," "stop that," and "come here."

2.  I may say three words other than mama and dada.

3.  Buy me a set of different shape blocks and watch me put a round block in a round hole.  I can stack 2 blocks also.

4.  Be careful of pens and pencils-I like to scribble on everything.

5.  I will let you know what I want by pointing.

6.  Getting up and down the stairs is easy-please watch me.

7.  Do not let me play with anything valuable as I may break it.

8.  I may try to get my way by throwing a temper tantrum-just ignore me!

9.  I can feed myself and drink from a cup, picking it up and putting it down.  I should be ready to give up my bottle.


1.  It is against the law not to have your child in the car seat at all times.

2.  Be careful of hot drinks left on the table.

3.  Remember to turn your hot water heater down to 120 degrees F.

4.  Be sure all doors going outside or downstairs are well secured.

5.  Teach your child never to slam doors.  This will prevent unnecessary injuries.

6.  Teach your child to keep all objects out of his/her mouth while running ,playing or riding in a car.

7.  Never leave water sitting in the tub unless your child is in your arms.  Children can drown in 2 inches of water!

8.  Do not leave the vaporizer within reach of your child.  Children love to pull on electric cords.

9.  Careful supervision is necessary when your child is holding a spoon and fork during mealtimes.


Continue to offer your toddler a balanced diet.  You will probably find that he/she may only eat one or two good meals/day.  Every child is an individual and, as such, his/her eating patterns will be different.  Never force your child to eat!  Learn to cook without salt and added sugar.  Use polyunsaturated (vegetable) oils for cooking.

Limit your child's milk intake to 24 ounces/day and juice intake to 8-10 ounces/day.  Excess drinking of low calorie fluids (water or juice) will decrease your child's appetite for healthier, higher calorie foods. 

Whole milk (16-24 ounces/day) provides your child with 75% of his/her daily calcium requirement.  If your baby will not drink milk, calcium is present in other milk products- ­yogurt, cottage cheese, cheeses, and foods prepared with milk. Calcium is also found in many foods such as vegetables, barley and oatmeal cereals, and flours (cornmeal, soy, wheat).  Your child needs about 1000mg of calcium/day.  Liquid and chewable calcium supplements are available. 

Avoid junk foods because you feel that every child should have a "treat." A treat can just as easily be a carrot stick, a piece of fresh fruit, or other similar nutritious snacks.  Please ask us about suggestions. It is important to teach your child the difference between healthy foods and junk foods.  Good nutritional habits begin at home and will last a lifetime.



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