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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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1. I enjoy splashing in the tub.

2. I like to reach out for small objects.

3. I will smile at your face.

4. I like the noisy paper on the examining table.

5. I find great interest in my toes.

6. I like to roll over and make loud, squealing sounds.

7. I know the difference between you and me when we look in a mirror

8. I like to be held with my legs extended and touching the floor-this will not make me bowlegged!




1. By now, you should be very used to putting your child in the car seat.

2. Your baby is becoming very fast-be careful to watch him/her whenever he rolls.

3. Keep unsafe things out of your child's hands now that he/she may be starting to get around.

4. Lower the mattress in the crib so that when your child stands and climbs, he/she cannot fall out. Be careful he/she does not use the bumpers to climb on.

5. An approved walker is safe, but only with very careful supervision. Please limit to no more than 30 minutes at one time-it is a good toy, but it does not replace watching your baby. Make sure there are no stairs that he/she can fall down. If there are, put up a gate.

6. Avoid giving your child rattles that may easily be broken. Broken pieces can be swallowed.

7. Keep him/her away from long telephone cords, curtain cords, and any loose wires.

8. Never tie pacifiers, beads, charms, or jewelry around your child's arms, legs, or neck.

9. Avoid earrings (pierced ears) until after your baby is one year old. Babies like to pull their ears and been known to pull out the earrings. Your baby could swallow the earring or stick it somewhere in his/her body.




__Breast__Similac with Iron__Isomil__________________________________


Your baby may be ready for cereal during the next month. The first cereal to begin with is rice cereal. Start slowly because babies need time to make the transition from sucking to eating. Until that transition is made, much of the meal may be spit out-this is usually not due to a dislike for the cereal. Your baby may need up to 2-4 weeks to make this transition .

Offer cereal after nursing or after a bottle. Cereal should only be used as a supplement and not a substitute for breast milk or formula at this stage. The cereal can be mixed with breast milk, formula, juice, or water. Start with a soupy consistency and slowly mix it up thicker until it is in an applesauce consistency.

Begin with one meal/day until your baby is feeding well. After he/she gets used to the rice cereal and takes it well for a few days, then you can switch to other cereals (barley or oatmeal). Remember, there is no rush to advance the diet. This should be an exciting time for you and your baby. Do not get frustrated if your baby seems uninterested in sharing this new experience with you. Take a break for several days and try again. Be patient, there is no hurry!



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