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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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Recommended Schedule for Immunization of Infants and Children in 2005-2006

Birth Hospital HBV-1 Thimerosal-free
4 days after hospital discharge Well Check - Initial WC
2 weeks after initial WC Weight Check
6-8 weeks of age WC, DTaP-1. IPV-1, HIB-1, PNC-1
10-12 weeks of age WC, HBV-2
3.5-4 months WC, DTaP-2, IPV-2, HIB-2, PNC-2
6 months WC, DTaP-3, HIB-3, PNC-3, Influenza-1 after Oct 1
7 months Influenza -2
9 months WC, HBV-3
> 12 months WC, Varivax, MMR-1, CBC Lead
Varivax only given in arm. Varivax / MMR must be given 1 year of age.
New MMR-V coming soon.
15 months WC, DTaP-4, HIB-4, IPV-3, PNC-4
2-5 years WC, PNC
only one dose after 24 months up to 59 months if not given earlier.
Influenza if < 2yrs old and never received before.
> 4 years WC, MMR-2
5-6 years WC, DTaP-5 no pertussis using this vaccine if > 7th birthday or 84 months IPV-4, Cholesterol, PPD if high risk
7-12 years WC, Catch-up of missed immunizations
11 yrs old to college WC, Tdap adult, CBC, PPD if high risk, Meningococcal vaccine
12-17 years WC, TdaP adult / dT, CBC, PPD if high risk, Meningococcal vaccine
18 years college age WC, Meningococcal vaccine within 6 months of entering college
Well Exams: After 2 years old, every 12 months.
Chickenpox vaccine: Can be given to anyone greater than 1 y/o who has not had chickenpox. After 13 y/o, 2 doses are required 1 month apart.After the Varivax is given, you must wait one month before giving any other live vaccine. All other vaccines can be given with Varivax.
DTaP: 5th dose not necessary if 4th dose given after age 4. Half doses are not effective and do not lessen risk of adverse effects.
TdaP: New vaccine for children > 11 yrs old. Replaces the dT.
Hepatitis vaccine: First 2 doses must be given at least one month apart. Full protection requires 3 doses.
PNC: At least 2 doses required in children under 2 years old.
HIB: One dose required after 12 months regardless of how many were given before 12 months of age.

Vaccine Abbreviation Codes
TdaP: Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellulat Pertussis: this new vaccine is approved only for children > 11 years of age.
DTaP: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Acellulat Pertussis HBV: Hepatitis B
HIB: Hemophilus Influenzae Type B Conjugate IPV: Polio inactivated
PNC: Pneumococcal Conjugate Varivax: Chickenpox
MR: Measles, Mumps, Rubella dT: Diphtheria-Tetanus (adult)
PPD: Mantoux intradermal TB CBC: Complete Blood Count



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