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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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Dear Mom and Dad,


This book is written to help you follow my growth and develop­ment over the next few years.  Please remember to bring this booklet with you each time we come to visit our pediatrician.  They will record my growth and development at each visit.  You can use the space provided to list any questions you may have.

Each page contains suggestions about daily care, safety and accident prevention and feeding advice.  These guidelines will help you in making the daily decisions necessary to keep me happy and healthy.

Always remember to secure me safely in my car seat whenever I ride in the car.  There are never any excuses for me to be out of my car seat when traveling!  If you have any trouble strapping me in properly, please ask for help.

Your Loving Child,




MY BIRTH DATE:     __________

MY BIRTH WEIGHT:__________

MY BIRTH LENGTH:__________

MY BIRTH PLACE:   __________



Each month brings new developmental milestones for me.  I may reach some of these milestones earlier or later than are mentioned in this book.  These are only guidelines and vary greatly from baby to baby. Please do not try to rush my development.  I will reach all my developmental milestones when I am ready.  Many parents spend the first year encouraging their child to walk and talk, and then spend the next 18 years asking them to sit down and be quiet.  Sit back and be patient and enjoy the years to come!  Always feel free to discuss any questions you have with my pediatrician.

Please remember to place me on my back or side when you put me to sleep.  My pediatrician recommends this position while I am sleeping for safety reasons (decreases the risk of SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  I will spend most of my first 2 weeks at home sleeping, eating, and having many wet and dirty diapers.

In the beginning, many of my body movements and noises I make may seem strange to you.  At times in my early months, I may appear startled by loud noises and sudden movements.  This is my "startle reflex" and it is perfectly normal. 

Just enjoy me-it only gets better!



It is extremely important that you help guide your child.  Children will often do the unexpected. Their curiousity controls their actions.  One can never anticipate what they may get into next.  As your child grows older, they will acquire new skills you may not be ready for.  The fact that your child has never done something before, does not mean that they are not capable of doing it.  Whenever you find yourself saying "he/she has not yet done something," expect that your child will do it when you least expect it!!  We hope that by following our safety suggestions, you will learn to anticipate problems before they occur.  Remember - YOU CAN PREVENT MOST ACCIDENTS!



Copyright 1996 by Robert M.Selig, M.D.,FAAP.  All rights reserved.  No part of this book may be reproduced without written permission of the author.



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