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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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1. Watch me move around in circles and lean forward to pick up toys.

2. I can understand some words and will repeat some sounds, like da-da and ba-ba. I may begin to understand "no."

3. I am learning to crawl on my belly, but don't be surprised when I move backwards first.

4. I don't need help anymore in getting to the sitting position and may even crawl up the stairs.

5. Watch me stand holding onto the furniture.

6. If you cover a toy, I may try to uncover it.

7. I enjoy picking up small objects in each hand to play with.

8. I like to clap and wave my hands at you and play peekaboo.




1. Be sure the car seat straps are readjusted properly to fit your growing baby.

2. IPECAC is necesssary to induce vomiting in the event of some accidental ingestions. Do not give your child IPECAC without talking to our office or the Poison Control Center. It is important to keep the Poison Control number by your phone. IPECAC can be purchased OTC at your pharmacy. Carry a second bottle in your diaper bag for away from home ingestions.

3. Be careful of hanging tablecloths and hanging electric cords.

4. To prevent burn injuries, never let pot handles hang over the edge of the stove and try not to use the front burners on your stove when he/she is in the kitchen.

5. Make sure that fireplaces and hot radiators have protective gates or screens around them.

6. Never leave your child alone for a second near water. If you have to answer the phone or door, take him/her with you.

7. Keep dry cleaning bags and other plastic bags away from /himher as they pose a great risk for suffocation.

8. Be careful of your baby playing with uninflated balloons-they can easily be swallowed and cause choking.




__Breast __Similac with Iron __Isomil _____________________________________


By now, he/she should be eating 3 meals/day in addition to breast milk or formula. Cow's milk does not provide the same nutrition as breast milk or formula and for this reason, should not be substituted at this age (not until 12 months).

Allergy to milk-containing foods is more common prior to this age. However, now you can gradually begin to introduce foods containing milk (yogurt or cheese).

Continue to expand your baby's diet by adding new foods. Ask us for suggestions.

This is the age when your baby would rather feed himself/herself. Be ready for a mess.

Avoid nursing your baby to sleep or giving him/her a bottle to fall asleep as this can lead to dental caries. He/she may give you a hard time now, but it is for his/her own good and will be much easier to handle now than in 6 months. Please be sure to ask us about this preventable problem



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