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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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1.  Diarrhea:  Loose bowel movements are normal (less than 5 times/day). Teething (swallowing saliva), diet changes (vegetables, fruits, juices), and use of antibiotics can cause looser bowel movements.


The most common cause of diarrhea (more than 5 times/day and watery) is a virus.  Antibiotics will not treat viruses. Your baby will usually be better in 4-5 days.  Dehydra­tion can usually be prevented.  If your baby is on Similac (milk based formula), stop it for 1-2 days and use Pedialyte (clear sugar water with electrolytes).  Do not use Pedi­alyte for more than 48 hours. If you are nursing, continue to breast feed. Pedialyte will provide enough fluids to prevent dehydration and should lessen your baby's diarrhea.


Do not reintroduce Similac (milk based protein formula) until your baby's bowel movements are back to normal.  This will usually be 5-6 days.  After 24-48 hours of Pedialyte, use Isomil DF (soy base protein formula with fiber) until your baby's diarrhea has improved (maximum of 7 days)


Bananas, rice cereal, applesauce, toast (foods with starch) and plain yogurt (B.R.A.T.Y. diet) will lessen diarrhea.  Avoid other fruits and vegetables as these may increase the diarrhea.


Please call the office if your child is sick and having diarrhea.  Ask for our handout on diarrhea.


2.  Shoes:  Shoes provide warmth and protection for your baby.  A soft and flexible sneaker, mocassin or crib shoe is inexpensive and perfect for your baby's feet. It is important to allow for normal development of your baby's feet. Shoes that are too rigid may not allow for normal development of the feet.  High-topped shoes with a hard sole are not necessary, but can be used after your child has been walking well for 3 months.  Corrective shoes are not needed to correct most babies feet.  Please discuss any concerns you may have about your baby's feet.



___Vi-Daylin/F ADC + Iron Drops-one dropperful daily

___Fluoride (Pediaflor)-0.25 mg/day



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