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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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1. If your baby is spitting out the vitamins, try mixing them in a very small amount of water or formula (1/2 ounce). Giving vitamins at bath time may lessen any mess made when your baby spits them out.

2. Water splashed in your baby's ear will not cause ear infections.

3. Do not use Q-tips in your child's ears-it does not get the wax out and only pushes it in further. Wax comes out naturally and should only be wiped away from the outer ear with a washcloth. Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your baby's ear!

4. Remember that fussiness or waking up at night when your baby is not sick may be caused by teething. Giving a dose of Tylenol before bed may help with teething discomfort. During the day, teething rings may bring some relief. Baby Oragel or Ambesol (numbing medicine) can be applied to your baby's gums when teething is making your baby uncomfortable. TEETHING IS THE PITS! Ask for our handout on teething.

5. Diaper rash: Rashes in the diaper area are common and difficult to prevent. Most diaper rashes have no obvious cause. They may appear during teething (swallowed saliva irritates the skin), after a new food is introduced, after using a new diaper, after a bout of diarrhea, and in babies who have oral thrush. Treatment: increase air circulation to diaper area by folding down diaper in front, cutting or folding back elastic around legs, and keeping diaper loose; protect the skin by applying creams containing Zinc Oxide and A&D ointment (Triple Paste, Balmex, Desitin) generously. It is not necessary to wipe off all the cream when you change the diaper-this may only cause more irritation. Use a bulb syringe to wash the area and then apply more cream. If the rash does not show some improvement in 4-5 days, please call for more suggestions.


___Vi-Daylin/F(fluoride) ADC + Iron Drops - one dropperful daily

___Fluoride (Pediaflor) - 0.25 mg/day

1. Fluoride started at 6 months and continued until 16 years of age.

2. Fluoride strengthens teeth and decreases cavities.

3. Fluoride drops can be placed directly in your baby's mouth.

4. Philadelphia water contains Fluoride. 8 ounces/day (plain or mixed with juice or formula) will provide your child with their daily requirement of fluoride.



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