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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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Toys can be dangerous if they are not related to the age level of your child.  For example, a toy that has many small removable parts is fascinating to the six-year­old - and to his baby sister too, but that little creeper would very likely swallow so small an object.  And there are tools that can be handled skillfully by the 12-year­old that might cause injury to his younger brother. The chart below lists both dangerous and safe toys for children of different ages.


Up to 2 years Those small enough to swallow Sturdy rattles
  Flammable objects Brightly collered beads on strong cord
  Toys with small removeable parts Washable squeak toys (with squeaker removed)
  Toys with poisonous paint Stuffed Animals
  Stuffed animals with glass or button eyes Large, soft balls
    Blocks with rounded corners
    Push and pull toys
2 to 3 years Those with sharp edges Large peg boards
  Objects with small removable parts Wooden animals
  Objects with poisonous paint Large crayons
  Marbles, beads, coins Rocking horse
  Flammable toys Sturdy cars and wagons
3 to 6 years Sharp or cutting toys Nonelectrical trains
  Highly flammable costumes, unless treated Building blocks
  Electrical toys Dolls and doll equipment
  Shooting games that endanger eyes Blackboard and dustless chalk
  Poisonous painting sets Modeling clay
  Ill-balanced tricycles or wagons that may topple Simple construction sets
    Paints and paint book
    Small sports equipment
6 to 12 years Nonapproved electrical toys Look for the
UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) label
Carpenter bench, lightweight tools for younger childern
  Sharp-edged tools Construction sets
  Poorly made sports equipment Approved electrical toys, under supervision
  Shooting toys: air rifles in particular Hobby materials
  Conductible kites Well-constructed sports equipment


Adapted from "Our Children's World, " by the National Safety Council.



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