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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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1. For dry skin, use Keri lotion or Eucerin cream after bathing. You can also add Alpha Keri bath oil to the bath water or lather directly on your baby's wet skin and allow it to dry.

2. Fussy periods may begin around this time. Many babies have fussy periods in the early evening. Please feel free to discuss this issue if you are having any problems.

3. Do not routinely use oils to cover your baby's scalp. If cradle cap (flaky scalp) develops, baby oil can be applied to the scalp to loosen the flakes followed by a gentle brushing with a fingernail brush. Use a baby shampoo to rinse out the hair. If the scaling is persistent, use a mild dandruff shampoo 2-3 times/week (Sebulex).

4. Crossing of your baby's eyes is a common concern for parents. It is usually more noticeable when your baby is looking at close objects. Please discuss any concerns that you have about your baby's eyes.

5. Good sleeping habits can be developed at this age by having her sleep in her own crib in her own room.

6. Many babies have a small amount of crusted mucus in their eyes when awakening from a nap. Use a washcloth (not cotton balls-may scratch the eye) with warm water and gently clean the mucus off the eyelashes, wiping from the top lashes down across the lower lashes. This is most often caused by a blocked tear duct. Treatment (if the discharge is persistent) includes massage of the tear sac/duct and/or antibiotic ointments. This problem usually resolves by your baby's first birthday. Please call the office to discuss any concerns you may have.

7. Thrush: This is a common yeast infection in your baby's mouth. It appears as white patches on the cheeks, gums, and roof of the mouth, and cannot be easily wiped off with a gauze pad. A white coating only on the tongue does not have to be treated. Do not try to wipe anything off your baby's tongue-it may become irritated and make your baby uncomfortable. Some babies will also develop a bright red diaper rash (yeast rash) which can be treated with an OTC antifungal cream (Lotrimin). Treatment (for thrush in mouth): OTC Gentian violet can be applied with a Q-tip to the patches. Wipe the areas with a gauze pad the next day. 1-2 applications will usually cure thrush. If your baby's thrush does not clear up and/or your baby appears uncomfortable, call the office. A prescription medicine may be necessary.


_____Vi-Daylin ADC + Iron Drops - one dropperful daily for breast-fed babies.



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