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Our Baby's First Two Years
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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1.  I can point to 4 parts of my body, and listen to 4 commands.

2.  I can build a tower of 6 cubes.

3.  I am good at walking backwards and running, and even jumping in place, but I still do a lot of falling.

4.  I can put on my shoes, socks, and pants and can take off my shoes and socks.

5.  I would rather wash and dry my own hands.

6.  I am good at unscrewing lids.

7.  I can turn a door knob, so there are no longer any barriers to me.

8.  I am able to turn pages of a book-one at a time.

9.  Even though I like saying "no", I don't always mean it ("No means Yes").




1.  Using a car seat for all car rides is not only still a necessity-it's the law.

2.  Supervise all climbing activities.

3.  Be careful of towels hung on oven doors-they can be grabbed and used to knock a pot off the stove.

4.  Clean out all kitchen drawers of sharp utensils (knives and scissors).

5.  Never leave your child unsupervised in a car.

6.  Re-check all medicine cabinets and storage closets and remove all nonessen­tial items.

7.  Place decals on large glass doors to prevent your child from running through them.

8.  Keep your toddler away from sharp objects like razors and lawnmowers.




1.  Only show your good side at the table as your child will copy all your eating habits.

2.  Do not use candy or sweets as a reward for good behavior.  Better choices are fresh fruit, carrot sticks, and/or celery stalks.

3.  Use only 100% fruit juices.  Soda and fruit drinks have no nutritional value and should be discouraged.

4.  Avoid giving your child chewing gum as it can get caught in your child's airway while he/she is running or crying.

5.  Store all vitamins/ fluoride in the refrigerator for safe keeping from your child and his/her friends.  Do not leave vitamin bottles on the table.

6.  Avoid giving your child anything to eat while riding in a car because of the risk of choking during a sudden stop.





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