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Taking Your Baby Home
by Robert M. Selig, M.D., FAAP & Joann C. Cozza, D.O., FAAP

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34: Anything Else I Should Know?

  1. Always place your child in the back seat. It is safer than the front seat, especially if your car has air bags.
  2. Be sure that you read the directions for installing the car seat. Use it exactly as recommended, or your child will not be provided the maximum protection.
  3. It is not safe to feed your baby a bottle while you are driving. Feeding your baby while driving may distract you and result in an accident. If your baby needs to be fed, it is safer to pull over and park for a feeding.
  4. Everyone in your car must buckle up. An unrestrained child or adult can be thrown into other passengers and cause serious or even fatal injuries.
  5. An unrestrained child can distract you while driving, resulting in an accident.


35: Are child safety seats expensive?

When you consider how important your child's health is to you, a car safety seat is the best bargain you will ever find.

You can purchase a safe car seat for a reasonable price at our hospital. Ask us for more information.


36: Improving Your Child's Behavior


When driving with your children in the car, have you ever been aggravated and distracted by their behavior? Do they climb around the seat, fight, and pull at you or the steering wheel? If you have to answer "yes," then your children probably are not buckled up.




Why do children behave better when buckled up?

  1. They feel secure. In sudden stops and swerves, they are held safely and comfortably in place.
  2. Most car safety seats lift children high enough to see out of the window. This will keep them occupied.
  3. Children are less likely to experience car sickness and more likely to fall asleep.


Think for a moment: how much attention you pay to your driving when your child falls off the seat, hangs out the window, pulls your hair, or tries to open the door?

With your child buckled up, you can concentrate on your driving without having to worry about your child being hurt. You will be calmer and more relaxed as will your children when you arrive at your destination.


(Adapted from the AAP on Car Safety)


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