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Virtual Tour Instructions: Navigate the tour by clicking on the red circles in the floor plan map, by clicking on a room link in the list to the right, or by clicking on the Andorra Pediatrics logo over the front door in the panorama viewer.
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1 Patient Entrance
2 Foyer
A Reception Area
B Waiting Room
C Play Area Hallway
D Play Area
E Reception Desk Area
F Office Admin Area
G Kitchen & Break Room
H Doctor's Office
I Office Area
J White Room
K Lab Area
L Orange Room
M Light Blue Room
N Exam Room Hallway
O Yellow Room
P Red Room
Q Tan Room
R Front Corridor
S Front Corridor
T Physician / Nurse's Work Area
U Front Corridor
V Turquoise Room
W Blue Room
X Green Room
Y Exam Room Hallway
Z Purple Room
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