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Candi Selig, RN, MSN is Dr. Bob's wife and an office nurse. She has a Bachelor of Nursing from Temple University and a Master of Nursing from The University of Pennsylvania. She has been working with Dr. Bob since 1979. Her skills and expertise in the field of Pediatrics has been a key to the success of Andorra Pediatrics. Candi's job description includes making appointments, counseling parents on the phone, taking patient histories, and giving immunizations. She has 32 years of experience talking with parents on the telephone and has a keen sense of recognizing when a child is sick. Candi has a special compassion in helping parents learn the skills needed for successful parenting. You will talk to Candi on the phone as she helps Dr. Bob, Dr. Joann, and Dr. Dan with after hour phone calls.

Michelle Ruth, RN, BSN is an office nurse. Nurse Michelle has a Bachelor of Nursing from Temple University. She has been working at Andorra Pediatrics since she graduated in 1987. Michelle is always on the run, talking with parents in the office and on the telephone, taking patient histories, giving immunizations, and drawing blood from children of all ages. She has a special expertise in helping parents with common childhood issues. Michelle helps Dr. Bob, Dr. Joann, and Dr. Dan with telephone calls after hours and her sound advice has earned her parent's trust and respect. Michelle has a kind heart and will spend the extra time necessary to put a parent's mind at ease.

Laurie Levine, RN, BSN is an office nurse. She began her career at John Hopkins Hospital as a pediatric gastroenterology nurse. Laurie joined Andorra Pediatrics in September, 2006. She has fit right into the practice and parents and patients have quickly taken a liking to her caring manner. You will speak with Laurie on the phone during office hours answering many parentís questions, helping to educate parents on all aspects of child development, and making decisions on whether a child needs to come to the office because of illness. Laurie is experienced in drawing blood from children of all ages if it becomes necessary.

Jann McMaster is our new office manager and has been with Andorra Pediatrics since 1987. She is the guru on insurance and billing issues. If she cannot answer your questions, no one can. Jann takes her job very seriously and has been largely responsible for keeping Andorra Pediatrics a successful business. When the office gets busy, she can be found helping whoever needs extra help. All non-medical questions or problems can be directed to her.

Kim Fleming is our assistant office manager. She will help you with problems involving insurance issues, referrals, and retrieving records of ER visits. She makes it her point to follow through with problems until they are resolved. You may see Kim around the office helping Dr. Bob, Dr. Joann, Dr. Dan, Nurse Candi, Nurse Michelle or Nurse Laurie when the office is busy. Kim can make appointments on the computer, help with the phones and set up specialist referrals. She will often be seen around the office, playing with the babies and toddlers.

Jacque Campanella and Trish Cosgrove staff the front desk. They make appointments, fills out referrals, and help to make your visit to Andorra Pediatrics as pleasant as possible. They're masters at helping parents on the phone and have developed an expertise in directing telephone calls to the member of our staff that can provide the most help. They also help patients check in and out of the office in the most efficient manner.

The material on this website is intended to present information relating to the Office of Andorra Pediatrics. This information is not a substitute for medical advice. Please do not send e-mails concerning your children if they are sick. No medical questions will be addressed from this web site. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office.
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