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A General Overview
The Andorra Pediatrics web site contains a wealth of information for both parents and children. With over 500 pages of information on a variety of topics, knowing how the site is organized will maximize the benefit that you attain from this information. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the web site by reading over the content on this page.
Find Medical Related Information
Have a question about a medical related issue? There are two main areas to find answers to these and other general questions.

The first area is under the "Hand-Outs" category, which contains informational articles and related presentations on a variety of topics. You will find a "Knowledge Library" that contains articles on acne to warts and everything in between. A "Rashes Photo Library" that is a pictorial presentation of typical skin ailments.

The second area is under the "Links" category. The Links category is a library of informational resources outside of the Andorra Pediatrics web site. We have compiled this library of external links as a service to our patients and visitors to the web site.
eBooks - Parenting Booklets
Dr. Bob authored two booklets that have been converted into a web-based format. These eBooks can be found under the Hand-Outs category.

"Taking your Baby Home" answers parent's common questions about their new baby. There is info on how to be successful with Breast feeding, suggestions on Formula feeding, proper sleep positioning to decrease SIDS (sudden infant death), and much more.

The 50 page "Baby's First Two Years" booklet covers Growth and Development, Safety and Accident Prevention, Feeding Suggestions and discussions on Immunizations from birth to 2 years of age. Each Well visit consists of two pages of information that is pertinent for that particular age, an area for recording the infant's weight, height and head circumference, and space for parent's to keep track of questions they will have when coming to the office.
What Are Hand-Outs?
Use of the term "Hand-Out" originated in the office. Patients that visit Andorra Pediatrics have access to a library of articles that have been compiled by Dr. Bob, Dr. Dan, and the office staff. This article library is commonly referred to as "The Hand-Outs".

Most of the articles in this library have been added to the Andorra Pediatrics web site. You can find these articles in a sub-category called "Knowledge Library" under the main category "Hand-Outs".
How Is The Site Organized?
The Site Map displays the overall structure of the web site on a single page with active links to each of the categories and main pages.
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Multi-Media... What Can I Expect?
The Multi-Media category should have probably been called "Fun Things to See and Do". But that name is a little long for a Category Name.

The Multi-Media category contains the following:

On-Line Quiz - A fun interactive quiz that tests your familiarity with the Andorra Pediatrics office, Dr. Bob, and Dr. Dan.

Favorite Pictures - A sampling of pictures taken in the office.

Comments Board - Our version of a Guest Book. Post your comments for others to see.

Current Topics - A library of articles on recent issues in the news.

Patient Letters - A sampling of patient letters.

360 Degree Virtual Tour - An interactive view of most of the Andorra Pediatrics office.
Using the Site Search Feature
The "Search Our Site" feature is a powerful key-word based search utility. The functionality is very intuitive. If you have used a search engine, you will find this feature to be very familiar.

The utility scans the hundreds of pages on the Andorra Pediatrics web site for words that match your search criteria. Results are returned in a "weighted" order, meaning that more relevant documents will appear towards the beginning of the results list.
Let Us Know How We're Doing
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The material on this website is intended to present information relating to the Office of Andorra Pediatrics. This information is not a substitute for medical advice. Please do not send e-mails concerning your children if they are sick. No medical questions will be addressed from this web site. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office.
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